When I was asked to start writing this blog, I was not sure how to do this as I am “old school” and not up to date on all the social media sites. With this being my first blog, please bear with me as I start this blog.

I grew up in a house that was built in the early 60’s. In the bathroom, there was a section that had a place for your dirty clothes that maybe “back in the day” was normal. It had a handle on the front to pull out like the postal boxes have on them and you would slide your clothes into the slot to store until the laundry was taken out to be washed. This was considered the laundry hamper.

But laundry hampers have come a long way since this time. There are now hampers that have writings on them to separate the whites from the darks, others have individual sections for more varieties and then some are on wheels for easy movement.

The individual hampers are not only kept in bathrooms but are now used in bedrooms and other areas in the home. The hampers also now come in a variety of different styles such as wicker and cloth and a variety of colors.