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Welcome to KBKrafts, your Handmade Crafts online store! But do not let the name fool you, as Handmade Crafts are just one of the many categories we offer. We are your online household shopping experience where shipping is always FREE in the contiguous United States, regardless of the size of your order or the cost of it. We specialize in Handmade Crafts, custom crafts, indoor and outdoor items.  We have various types of Handmade Craft items but carry a wide arrange of all types of everyday household indoor and outdoor selections for you to purchase.

If you are looking for Handmade Crafts, home or garden furnishings, and a great bargain at that, this is the website for you.  Whether you are looking for a handmade jewelry Item, a Handmade Crafts Item or just wanting to have an item custom made, we are here for you. Our custom crafts are made from all types of items including but not limited to Handmade Craft bottle caps, Handmade Craft tiles, Handmade Craft dog tags where you pick the color, style, chain and if you want it to be a necklace, key ring, magnets, car mirror hanging or some other use, it is up for you to decide. On most of the Handmade Craft items, you can have your item custom made. Our Handmade Crafts items not only offer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets as jewelry items but most of these Handmade Crafts items have various colors and options that are available. You are not limited to just one, which can make a real difference if you are looking for a specific color or style. We have different “holiday” Handmade Crafts items which cover most holidays and multiple occasions and come in various color options. If you are looking for something for your little girl, we have Handmade Crafts headbands that come in a multitude of colors and decorations which are a joy for the kids to wear and makes them feel like a real “princess.”

Browse our wide selection of items, in which we offer a number of categories to pick from starting in our bedroom category which consists of bed and bed frames, bedding, bedroom décor and accents, futons, mattresses and mattress toppers, nightstands, dressers, armoires, and wardrobes, nursery and kids room , our bathroom category which consists of bathroom cabinets and vanities, bathroom décor and accents, bathroom sinks, our crafts category which consists of Handmade Crafts, custom made crafts and Handmade Crafts holiday items, our dining room category which consists of dinette and dining sets, dining tables, dining chairs and bar stools, garage which consists of laundry and storage, our kitchen category which consists of appliances and blenders, bakers racks,  carts and portable islands, collectibles, cookware, accessories and pot racks, kitchen décor and accents, kitchenware, trash cans, compost and recycle bins, wine racks, holders and coolers, our living room category which consists of cabinets, bookcases, bureaus and shelving units, candles and candle holders, chairs, recliners, benches, couches and sofas, coffee, console and sofa tables, fireplace and space heaters, home décor and accents, indoor lighting, storage, tv stands and entertainment centers, wall art and figurines, our office category which consists of computer desks, office décor and accents, Office furniture, printer stands and carts, our Outdoor category which consists of animal items, bird house and feeders, fountains, gardening, lanterns, lounge and fitness, outdoor décor and accents, outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting and solar items, outdoor storage, wind chimes, wind  spinners and sun catchers, and our unique items category which consists of holiday, unique gifts. No matter what you are looking for, we are here to here to help!

With our large selection of items from Handmade Craft items to house and yard furnishings, we have got you covered. Our motto is simply this, “If you are not happy, we are not happy”.  We strive to provide you with the most recent and up to date items at the best prices, so if you are looking for a specific item, drop us a line and we will do our best to find and make the item available for you to purchase at the best price. We want your experience  buying our items to be as good as it can be.